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Abbo Vs Tinubu: Viral Video Of Tinubu Slapping A Lawmaker Is False (Pics) 



Ever since the video of the barbaric display of Senator Elisha Abbo surfaced online, many have been trying to launder his image.

Then the argument that ensued between him and Remi Tinubu happened & unfortunate Abbo supporters started to surface.

How some try to trivialize the acts of that beasts is definitely beyond logic. How this has decended into Party A vs B, shows how backward we are as young people and how morally bankrupt we are. This image has been spread by Elisha apologists, claiming it’s Remi Tinubu.

Unfortunately, many of you have unknowingly presented yourselves to be used on a platter by fake news mongers and people with agendas.

Don’t just swallow all you see online, stop being tools for propaganda.

This is the video of the incident, that woman is not Remi Tinubu her name is it’s actually Binta Masi Garba and she’s a reps member, a twitter user wrote;

Watch The Video HERE

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