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Exchange Between First Bank & Twitter User Who Mocked The Elephant On Their Logo



Here is a quiet an epic response between a leading Nigeria financial institution, First Bank and a Twitter user who tried to tarnish the image of the bank and the elephant on their logo.

Recently, their has been reports of Nigerian banks charging their customers excessively for services which many are not happy with and some has started closing some of their accounts.

Initially banks used to be an institution for the safekeeping of money and financial transactions but lately the opposite has been the other of the day.

Below is an exchange between a supposed bitter customer of the leading Nigerian bank and
their social media handler who swiftly converted his jab into a defence.

The twitter user on sharing an epic video of a giant elephant chasing two men on the road, wrote;

When you withdraw all your money from first bank so they send their elephant to come and ask you why.

And first bank knowing fully well that the video has garnered views and controversies, had to write;

How we respond when fraudsters try to hack your account. #YouFirst

Watch The Video Below

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