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I regret marrying an Old Man. They are manipulative. #ReginaDaniels fell for money – Actress #MacNicol .



UK-based Nollywood actress, Timmy K. MacNicol, has said she regrets marriage an old man.

According to her, “My story is a bitter one. My marriage became abusive for years. I also went into depression and was rushed to the hospital. Now, I don’t think I want to give marriage another chance, because my marriage experience is very bitter. .

I have been abused but I kept enduring. I want to move on with my career but you never can tell; I might fall in love. And if I would eventually get married again, it would be to a man within my age bracket, not an old man like I did before. .

I married a grandfather. Now, I will not marry an old man because of money. I was an orphan and I fell for an old man because of his wealth and affluence. Talking about Regina Daniels, I was same age when I got married to an old man (my ex). .

I don’t think her mother, #RitaDaniels, influenced her decision. The person that should be blamed is the manipulative husband because this is exactly what happened to me. .

Old men are always using money and affluence to manipulate young girls and they fall for it. I was a victim too. .

Regina fell for the money,  I was an orphan and I fell for an old man because of his wealth and affluence. I am still stuck in this, because its hard to pull out.”

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