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Lil Wayne Threatens To End Kodak Black’s Life If He Mentions Lauren London’s Name Again!



Kodak Black recently shot his shot at Lauren London in the wake of her long time boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle’s passing. He recently went live on Instagram stating that now that Lauren London was single, he’s next in line to court her. He said that he would give her a year to grieve but then he would be her next beau. After posting the video, many fans were disgusted, calling Kodak’s comments insensitive. Kodak is no stranger to controversy and so far it doesn’t seem as if he cares.

Lil Wayne, the first baby daddy of Lauren London was not happy with Kodak’s insensitive message for Lauren London and here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve got one message for Kodak Black, keep my baby mama’s name out ya mouth, or be prepared to deal with the consequences. I don’t play like that. If that nxgga say one mo’ slick a** comment, I will end his career and I might just end his life”

It’s obvious Lil Wayne is not taking this matter lightly and we advise Kodak Black to take precautionary action. In the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s passing, many people including Lil Wayne do not find Kodak Black’s “games” amusing, but instead extremely disrespectful. Nipsey Hussle was gunned down a week ago and has not even been put in the grave yet here comes Kodak Black, shooting his shot at a grieving woman who just lost the love of her life. Do you think that Kodak took it to far? Was Lil Wayne out of line for threatening Kodak?

via: LFRsolutions

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