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Man Shares His Predicament Ever Since His Address Was Given Out As Davido’s Own



Man shares his predicament ever since someone gave out his address as Davido’s own.

According to the Nigerian man with twitter username @Bak, he’s tired with the way upcoming musicians have stalking him to sign them to his record label.

That aside, he hardly sleeps at night with the manner people scream “OBO PLEASE HEP MY LAIVE”.

Sharing photos of the packages he has received so far, he wrote;

I think someone put up my address as yours online.for a while now Been waking up to people randomly singing and rapping in front of my house not even counting the mixtapes they send,and for the past month people randomly come to greet the “baby” amongst other things

lol please I’ve posted it everywhere that it’s a wrong address but they just keep coming ! I just want to sleep well without someone screaming “OBO PLEASE HEP MY LAIVE” At my window sigh.

Notwithstanding, on sharing a video of the moment an upcoming singer blocked him from entering his gate, he wrote;

fun fact : before I started recording this guy told us to all shout when he mentions Davidos name, mahn I had to scream just to get in my own house.

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