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Nigerian Man Leaks Nude Photos Of A Lady Who Tried To Blackmail For This



A Nigerian man has set the internet on frenzy after leaking sex tapes of some ladies who tried to blackmail him.

According to the man, he noted he had sex with the ladies after clubbing. In a lengthy tweet, he explained he had sex with the lady after being drunk and never raped her.

Uncensored Pics

Uncensored Pics

The Nigerian man by name Asiwaju, narrated that the incident occurred back 2017 and the lady never showed up until this 2019 and she tried blackmailing her.

Read his tweets

Am here, I’ll need to say my own side of the story .. I know my former business partner sponsored this blackmail to destroy me Cos she’s contesting under APC .

Nigeria Gals I have my last advise for you all .
You all claimed I raped u ? We met on social media, I took You to club, I spent 500k popping Champaign Cos of You and we had sex when am high and you call it rape? 2017 You didn’t report to police? 2018 You didn’t report to police 2019 You decided to blackmail me

Ok let me post some gals nudes, sometimes they Dm me nudes wen I didn’t send them message .

You sent me this and we club together get high and u called me a repist just to tarnish my image : Now that you girls wanna expose yourself let me post more you disturbing me on my DM with nudes .

Someone DM THIS TO ME on twitter, why do you people want us to expose ourselves ? Plenty big gals on this platform send me nudes that they want me, wen I sleep with them and stop talking to them they blackmail mail

I don’t care anymore My mother is dead, I’ll expose all of you .

Why will you destroy me when whe I told you my mother just had heart surgery?

Now she’s gone everyone is crying Cos of your stupidity. Are u happy now? Blessing osom are u happy now ?

Itold you my mother is sick, take down the tweet you refuse.. now she’s gone are you happy now ?

Are you happy destroying me ?

Are you happy now? Are you happy now that my mother is gone? You did This Cos of my level in Nigeria just to destroy my name, You claimed I raped u? Bring police report I will come to police station, 2017 no report 2018 no report 2019 you decided to blackmail me .

You feel blackmail will destroy me ? Today might be the last time I tweet or breath.. before u blackmail someone thing about their mental health .. are you happy now for destroying Asiwaju ? Are u really happy blessing osom

Nigerians are wicked , once they see a young man doing well do everything to destroy him… in a single father my son will not live to regret his life Cos I have made money for him.. even if I die he will live happily .

Let’s get dirty on social media, stop calling me again to stop posting

My mother is gone wtf am I doing here

Is it s crime to be rich ? Nigeria youth are evil

Imet her not twitter, she suck my my asss, she called me the richest guy she has ever met in her life and she’s among the people blackmailing me on twitter l. Imagine if I post her real face online

Asiwaju raped you Asiwaju raped you Asiwaju raped u… tell Nigerians what lead us to sex ..

Don’t sugarcoat things to spoil my image
Nigerian girls are evil.

Be careful bro Goodbye I’ll die soon . Am gone

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nkoba_sampson

    August 28, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    We are not surprise because we know what our country has turned us into

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