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Nigerian Singer, Morachi Blasts Ladies Who Eat Poo Of Arab Men In Dubai (Graphic)



Below is a footage of an African lady filmed eating an Arab man’s poo from his anus.

Nevertheless, most pictures you see online which shows pretty girls on a Yatch in Dubai are actually not all they seem. Such girls don’t only go there for vacation but for business – big time prostitution.

They have sex with Arab men who poo from their anus directly into the mouth of these pretty ladies all for dollars. The ladies also have sex with animals like dogs and camels.

Nigerian Singer, Morachi on sharing the disgusting video on his Instagram page, blasted ladies who involve in such act just for money.

Read his post below…

I am not supposed to share such a disgusting video with disgusting people doing disgusting things under some fetish! But how do i educAte our enslaved women about this if not using a typical example of this video as the lesson ? If this have to be a wake up call for our African women to have respect for themselves despite the hunger then so be it ! Why does she have to be a black woman receiving such shit? Why does it have to be a white man feeding her such shit? If this ain’t slavery then what the hell is this ? To all African women in diaspora involved in this slavery all for money would you say this is worth it ? #SoonDelete #WakeUpCallForAllHungryAfricanWomen #SayNoToSlavery #ThisIsATemporaryEducationalPost

Watch the graphic Video ..

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