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TikTok Videos Show Worms Crawling Out Of Strawberries

Stomach-Churning TikTok Videos Show Worms Crawling Out Of Strawberries

If you like strawberries, these videos may put you off the fruit for life. A viral TikTok trend that shows live worms crawling out of strawberries soaked in salt water has left viewers squeamish. Several TikTok users have shared videos explaining that store-bought strawberries may not be fit to eat after just a quick rinse. The videos show that soaking the fruit in salt and water for 30 minutes removes bugs from them.

“Apparently if you wash your strawberries in water and salt, all the bugs will come out,” says TikTok user Seleste Radcliffe in a video which shows her trying the method out. The video – which has collected over 2.5 million views – shows a tiny worm crawling out of a strawberry.

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