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WATCH VIDEO: Little boy rescued from his stepmother who chained him for two years alongside animals


A little boy, Jibril Aliyu, from Badariya Area of Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State has been rescued from the hands of his wicked stepmothers who chained him for two years.

Little Jibril lost his mother 2 years ago and ever since then, he was denied shelter, clothing, food, not to talk of health care.

He was maltreated by these same people like an animal to the extent that he was feeding on the remnant food of the animals he was tied with and even ate his faeces, until he was rescued by some Human Right Activist.

As a result of the treatment he was subjected to, he entirely lost his senses and behaves exactly like an animal.

His 2 evil step mothers, together with his father are currently in police custody, while the 10 year old Jibril is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Federal Medical Center Birnin Kebbi.

Watch the video below;

See people’s reactions and comments below;

Jennifer Joe: Oh my God steps children are not different from ours, some step children take care of their step mum more than their own children, God we pray for long life to take care of our children, some step children are blessings to our homes, no body will take care of our children for us, all mothers long life and prosperity in Jesus name amen

Lastborn Xtian: There is nuftin like motherly care ,I wish the parent were alive this such wouldn’t have happened .
May God protect every mother and keep them alive to bring up their children with love .
Our parents will leave to reap the reward of their works with long life and good health .Amen

Yoge Yoge: Suffer not a witch to live. This is a demon. Only God can heal this boy from the traumatic experience…. I can understand when marriage doesn’t work out but people should be extra careful in choosing partners for themselves in other to get over loneliness. Your kids come first.

Esther Momoh: This is wickedness of the highest order , thank God he was saved from the hands of a devil . May God protect our kids from devil in human form and may God protect all mother’s out there to be alive to raise their child .

Slim Sam: My heart bleeds, under the sun, under the rain, In the cold of the night, In the heat of the day. A human being a living soul. … Just a boy. Who has committed no offense whatsoever. Oh…. Humans, what has gone wrong with some of us? A child a mother carried in her womb for nine consecutive months with all the pains of giving birth and nursing a baby, how can you be so cruel and heartless to treat someone child like that and you call yourself a woman…. A mother. Even animals in the wild have more sympathy.

Illjah Oyala: This is beyond evils even Lucifer is afraid to committed this high levels of atrocities. Mean why, there is no devil anywhere, human being are the devils so it depend on how u control the devil in u or u let the devil in u to control u.

Lummy Grace: My people, no one should wish even his/her enemy a step mother. Sometimes I’m confused cox even the father acts like their mumu. These soo called step mothers are extremely wicked!

From experience, I think the death of a mother at a tender age is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

May God help us i this matter




George Bobby: This is wickedness,indeed no one can take care of a child love like the rightful mother,God protect our mothers let them live long we shall burry them not the other way round 😪

Ime Ekpenyoung: Where is the father of the boy? So he was watching his son being chained without any attempt to rescue him. I’m tired of human beings.

Chinedu Successful Chibuikem: Evil has taken the space of this earth… People commit evil as if it’s their main priority in this earth… God almighty,all i ask from you is to make all parents to live long and train their children till they get old and reap their fruit.. God almighty,death should not take our parents when we need them most, Amen🙏

Victoria Victor: So Sad oh 😪…. How can Human beings be this Wicked and Heartless for God sake hmmm… Just because his mother is No more this guy was treated this way. This is Heartbreaking…I pray for all mothers here your sit will not be Vacant, You will not die untimely, prematurely, suddenly, accidentally, You will not die and leave your Children to be trained by Evil human in Jesus Name, Amen… Men you will not marry wicked Women that will Maltreat your children no matter the circumstances in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏻 Any Child experience this kind of treatment God Almighty should deliver them and bring them out in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏻 And Expose all the Wickedness of the Wicked in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏻

Ruth Bernard: Nobody deserves to be treated this way na. If u can’t cope with other people’s children then don’t marry their parents. God!! Dis is just too much.
Something his mother can never do to him even for just 2 seconds. May God keep us alive to take care of our children ourselves. Amen

Beverly Ada: There are levels in this wickedness of a thing , 2solid years!,where has the father been all these while? God is really patient😩

Chizzy E Ibe: This is more than murder
But why!!!?
This woman wakes up everyday for two years knowing that this little boy is suffering in chains and she’s comfortable about it God!!!!

Victoria Ita: Step mother thunder fire you they to me I never like them because some years back I was. Also punish like this child may god help us

Abiola Akeju: The only prayer a mother should pray wholeheartedly is sudden death should not take us away from our children,to every mothers and mum to be,may sudden death not take us away from our children when they need us the most

Oputu Ladygirl: I pray God keep me nd my husband alive to train nd take care of our children
Leaving without parents is not easy, I experience hell from my relatives same ones who treated me nicely when my parents were alive and it really affected me emotionally and mentally I thank God everything
I can’t stop praying for more grace nd life anytime I think about my years staying with my relatives

Loisianalois Loisianalois: It’s really sad 😭 and heartbreaking…my mum usually took every other children like her own…Am glad mum raised i and my siblings that way…mum will usually say…treat people the way you will like to be treated…if you can’t help them… don’t hurt them… anyways what goes around comes around, prepare evil step mother….you can’t plant cassava and expect to harvest yam…

Chidinma Onah: Ladies please if you can’t raise another woman’s child with love and care leave that family alone,leave that man alone and look for you own husband and practice your witchcraft with him cause it’s only a witch that can exhibit such a wicked act…this is heartbreaking

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